Thursday, 21 March 2013


Quite a few months ago I started a job at Office and ever since then I've noticed that my love for shoes has gradually gotten stronger and stronger.
So I decided for a change to let you all know my top 4 most worn pair of shoes at the moment, I personally think shoes are one of the biggest parts of an outfit, it can either top it off or completely ruin it.

1) Dr Martens, 1460, Black, £89.99.
I can't quite put into words how much I love these boots, over the past few weeks they have literally saved my feet from snow, rain, wind, every condition imaginable! These boots are so comfortable once broken in and with a pair of thick socks there's no better combination, it's a shame its taken my 19 years to finally find a pair of shoes that are suitable for the winter months but that also go with pretty much every outfit imaginable. I'm even quite excited for the summer to try and have a mess around with a few pairs of shorts and see what I can come up with!

2) Nike, Air Max 1, Black Anthracite, £96.99.
For quite some time I've been after a pair of air max and when we got a delivery of these I just had to grab a pair straight away. First of all, the little icon of the image doesn't justify how these look in person, but they look amazing with a pair of solid black socks & jeans paired up with an oversized shirt and a denim jacket. I absolutely love wearing these shoes not to mention how comfortable they are, the only negative is that with them being suede they're not the best in bad weather so I've not been able to wear them as much as I wanted to, but once summer is here (Will we even have a summer?!) I'll definitely never have these off my feet!

3) Ask the Missus, Uranus Brogue, Navy and Orange, £69.99.
I've been wanting these shoes for far too long now, we always had them in the shop where I worked but we never got a delivery of them in my size. So the other week when I was in London I decided to pop into the Oxford Street store and grab a pair of these, and they were definitely worth the wait! I love teaming these up with a bright pair of socks and a pair of black jeans, the pop of orange is definitely what makes this shoe and can totally brighten up an entire outfit. Not to mention, they are so comfortable it's not even believable - in fact, they've impressed me so much I've even ordered another pair in the grey & yellow, definitely worth checking out!

4) Ask the Missus, Chatterbox Brogue, Tan, £69.99.
What can I even say about these brogues, for starters, every man needs a pair of brogues in his shoe collection, they can be dressed up or down and are suitable for pretty much every occasion. These ones in particular stood out to me because of the fact the toe was quite rounded, (I have quite small feet, so the brogues that have a slightly pointed toe just make me look like a clown) but they were still lengthened just that perfect amount as to not make it look like I have tiny feet. Basically, they're the perfect size and proportion for my body! Anyway, these are so comfortable and I know if I'm out the house all day and I chuck these on in the morning they're still going to be comfortable in the evening when I get home.

So there we go, a few pairs of my most worn shoes at the moment and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat!

On a side note - I'm currently looking for a few new pairs of jeans, I swore by the spray on skinny range in Topman but apparently it's being discontinued and a few of my pairs from there have ripped and just really not been the best of quality. If anyone knows of any really slim fitting jeans and of a descent quality, it'd be great if you could let me know!

Sunday, 10 March 2013


As some of you may or may not know, I currently have a placement with a Newcastle based photographer, Sarah Deane. Over the past few months I've been helping out on the odd shoot and helping to update the website, just basically doing general bits and bobs, and I've loved every minute of it.
Recently Sarah was contacted by an agency in Manchester and was given a brief to create a fashion shoot on the Tyne and Wear Metro for TK Maxx
Due to being Sarahs assistant I was asked to take part in the shoot and assist with lighting as it was going to take place during the day on a fully working, public filled, Metro! 

The shoot was a massive success and the photos turned out amazingly well, there were a few last minute switches with trying to catch the right metro carriage and trying to fit the photography, hair and makeup, styling and a few representatives from the agency in Manchester onto the metro, but everything went well in the end!

Below are a few of the final photos and a behind the scenes shot.

The fashion shoot was to help boost the advertising of the new TK Maxx store that has recently opened on Northumberland Street in Newcastle, and what better way of doing so?!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


I suppose I should start by explaining why I've not been posting so much! 
Basically it was getting to the time of year in my course where it was very deadline heavy so I had to spend all my spare time doing my college work. I've also been busy doing some exciting experience with a local photographer (Post due soon!) and then most recently I took a trip to London.
I'll try to keep blogging as much as possible as I really do love it, but there may be a few gaps in posts over the next few weeks as its our final project this year, so apologies in advance.

Anyway, I've never really been to London before, I went when I was younger and I can't really remember all that much, so I really wanted to go again. The weekend was originally booked for a university interview, but I had second thoughts on the university and decided on elsewhere, so because of that I then swapped hotels and decided to go for a weekend of shopping and a spot of sight seeing, basically I was one of those people who were fascinated by glittery union jack top hats and constantly had a camera glued in front of my face.
I've included some photos I took during the weekend and I'll be putting another post up soon on what I bought and hopefully have time to do a few outfit posts I've been wanting to do!