Saturday, 25 May 2013


Recently I was tagged to take part in the Worldwide Wardrobe competition by David, after reading up on it I decided it's definitely something I wanted to have a go at.
If anyones never heard of the competition before it's something that was set up by Travel Supermarket and its a chance to win £200 to buy your winning outfit and a trip to the destination the outfit was picked for. There were 5 different destinations to pick from and you could pick a range of clothes for one or all five of the destinations, the only catch is you have to come under £200 for your outfit and explain why you've picked it for that specific destination.
When you enter you have to nominate another 5 people to take part in the competition to help spread the word, so here are my 5 picks -

Even if i've not tagged you, you can still enter by clicking here. Without anymore blabbering, here are my picks.

Sunglasses: Topman, £10.00.
Polo Shirt: Zara, £19.99.
Shorts: ASOS, £22.00.
Shoes: Office, £100.00.
Belt: H&M, £12.99.
Watch: ASOS, £20.00.
Bracelet: ASOS, £15.00.
Total: £199.98

When putting together the outfit for Ibiza I wanted to make sure it was something that would work for the evening and still look good throughout the night. I picked the Polo Shirt for the fact it's light and I won't get too warm, and obviously for the print, I'm a sucker for anything thats floral or tropical print of some sort on a shirt and this is no exception. As the shirt is so bright I teamed it up with a black pair of chino shorts so that they still look smart and with a tan belt to tie in with some of the more neutral tones. I'll also style the shirt tucked into my shorts so that it looks quite smart. I've also picked a pair of Timberland boat shoes - although these are expensive for going out in they're leather so if they do get mucky they shouldn't be too bad to clean up with a bit of soap and water, plus, there's no better combination than Ibiza and boat shoes. 
The plain watch and bracelet will add an extra something without being over the top and I love the added yellow colour from the watch, once again helping to tie in with the statement polo shirt. Finally I added a pair of brown patterned sunglasses as it will hopefully be sunny in the evening and because, well, I never really have much of a chance to wear sunglasses over in Englad! 

T-Shirt: Zara, £19.99.
Jeans: Topman, £36.00.
Shoes: Solestruck, £135.09.
Watch: Amazon, £7.41.
Total: £198.49

The main priority of shopping in London for me was to be comfortable and in clothes that are lightweight and hassle free for when I'm bounding around from shop to shop. 
If anyone knows me at all they'll know I've been in love with printed T-Shirts over the past few months and I'm definitely wanting to nip in Zara and grab this one. The material is very lightweight so it will keep me cool throughout running around and I'll probably get it in a size or two too big so that it's slightly oversized and baggy. Although I have a total love hate for these jeans in Topman I've decided that they'd be perfect for shopping in London, they never seem to last more than a few weeks for me but while I have them they fit me perfectly and they're so comfortable so I couldn't turn them down. 
Finally, these shoes. I have had my eye on these for far too many months and just never been able to justify the price of them. Due to the cut out areas they'll be able to keep my feet cool but also be comfortable throughout the day, I love the contrast of the cut out with the thick and heavy buckles, definitely need these at some point.

Sunglasses: River Island, £10.00.
Shirt: H&M, £7.99.
Blazer: Topman, £80.00.
Belt: American Apparel, £13.00.
Shorts: Topman, £24.00.
Shoes: ASOS, £40.00.
Watch: ASOS, £25.00.
Total: £199.99

I wanted to go for a very smart look for New York, after all it is one of the most amazing cities and I'd feel a bit bad going out in a T-Shirt and a pair of shorts on a night! 
While putting together a smart outfit I also wanted to keep it quite classic and timeless, I started with a neutral tweed blazer with a classic white short sleeved shirt under it. The shirt will help me to keep a bit cooler from the thick blazer but also work really well with the neutral blazer. 
For SS13 short suits have been very popular and I've loved a few different collections featuring them, because of this I decided to try and create a high street alternative using a pair of chino shorts from Topman so that they have a very simplistic and clean finish with a neutral belt. 
For accessories I picked a simple black watch as it will suit the rest of the outfit without being too over the top, and of course a pair of brown sunglasses. 
Black loafers will help to tie off the entire outfit and really give an emphasis to a classic menswear look. 

Sunglasses: ASOS, £8.00.
T-Shirt: H&M, £4.99.
Bomber Jacket: Weekday, £85.00.
Shorts: Topman, £24.00.
Belt: H&M, £12.99.
Watch: ASOS, £15.00.
Shoes: Office, £47.99.
Total: £197.97

I finally found somewhere I can mention this amazing bomber jacket I found, and I'm going to be honest, I did base the entire outfit around it. 
While in paris I want to be cool and comfortable when wandering around, classic high top converse will help with this along with a pair of comfortable black shorts and a white T-Shirt. The black watch and belt will help to make the outfit slightly more interesting without going over the top. I wanted to keep the entire outfit monochrome so that when teamed with the bomber jacket it's obvious where the attention is supposed to be at! Although I mentioned about being too warm and I've given myself a jacket it's made out of a lightweight fabric so it won't keep me too warm, and even if I had to carry it for a while the pattern will still be visible. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Incase any of you have missed my past few posts that had a blabber about me stressing for college, it's finally over! Summer is here and I've got more time to work on this blog, far too excited. As promised, I'm going to show you all a couple of shots I took for my final project. 

I'm currently doing an Art & Design foundation diploma and I've specialised in Fashion before starting my Fashion Communication degree in September. For my project I decided to make one garment (In this case the faux leather skirt that Alex is modeling) and then have a final shoot and a marketing book within my project as my final piece.

Alex is currently an aspring model who is based within the Newcastle area, I knew roughly how I wanted the shoot styled and she was definitely perfect for the job, without her I definitely wouldn't have been as proud with the final shots. For my studio shoot I also had a bit of help from my friend Sarah who's a Newcastle based photographer that I work with, she's helped me ridiculous amounts over the past 7 months that I've been helping her out so definitely drop by her website.

I've included a few of my final photos below, some are edited slightly as there were used as experimentation pages but I'm still very pleased with the results. 

Overall I'm very pleased with how the shoot turned out, as it was my first fashion shoot I was a bit worried about how everything would turn out but overall I feel very pleased and it's definitely something that isn't just going to be a one off - fashion and photography, I don't think there's a better combination!

Once again, please check out Sarah and Alex as it wouldn't have been the same without them!