Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Now, if a few months ago someone said to me that you'll be sat in your garden trying to take a photograph of a tub of moisturizer to then write about and post on an online blog for people to read about I'd have said you're completely bonkers. And now here I am...

If anyone knows me they'll know the trouble I've had over the past years with my skin, I've had very bad acne since around year 9/10 in school (6 or so years) and it has pretty much continued ever since. It's very very verrry rare a skin product actually does what it's supposed to do and for once I found something that did just that!

While I was down in London the other week I popped into the Kiehl's store and questioned about my skin as it flared up again, possibly the worst its ever been, and asked if they had anything to recommend. I was given a sample of this product and by the time I'd finished the sample (it lasted around a week) it had calmed my skin down and just generally made me look a lot healthier.
My skin has never responded to a product so well, especially not one that wasn't even aimed towards acne. What I did get told was that sometimes by using a mixture of very strong cleansers, moisturizers, spot treatment etc that you can take too much of the good things out of your skin, it then overcompensates and often makes the case worse. Makes sense!

Anyway, before I ramble much more I just wanted to share this product with everyone because it definitely deserves a bit more attention. 
Not to mention the amazing staff at Kiehl's, I even got a lovely little handwritten note with the store number that I could contact if I needed anymore help or advice. 

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cream, Kiehl's, £28.


  1. It actually sounds really good - I may have to try it out! :)

    1. Definitely, could always just ask for a free sample then if you don't like it you've not lost anything!

  2. Kiehl's is one of my all time favourite brands! I have the Midnight Recovery Serum which is great for helping to heal the skin!

    Never tried this one but it sounds like it would be great for day time use, might go grab a few samples and try it out.

    Samuel James Morris

    1. Ah that name sounds familiar I must have came across it somewhere! I'll grab a sample of it next time I'm there.
      Definitely worth a try, a little goes a really really realllllly long way!

  3. This looks so good! I love oil free based products as my skins a little oily in areas! Great review :)x


    1. My skin gets waaay too oily. I got a free sample of this at first so it might be worth popping into store and asking about it! x