Saturday, 6 September 2014


When it comes to the fashion industry I always think it's important to invest in brands that make an effort to create, design & distribute to the country they are based in. Not only does it help to develop new talent but it helps to create more jobs and it makes it a little better for the environment. 

After doing a little bit of research I've grabbed a few of my finds, some items of clothing and accessories that have been made in the UK.

Probably one of the pairs of shoes that I have had my eyes on for the longest time, I'm definitely close to snapping and grabbing a pair of these. They create them in a couple of different colours (I already have the Oxblood variation, whoops). Dr Martens are definitely worth a look at, especially their Made in England range. 

Definitely of my favourite finds when researching for this blog post. I've been trying to find a good quality, well made Mac for quite a while. I often struggle with longer length coats due to the fact I'm not the tallest! Last spring I managed to grab a very similar navy version of this in Topman, definitely regret holding off and saving for this version instead!

The different colour options for this Jumper are definitely a bonus, while I've shown the cream option above the pastel blue or pink would make a great addition to a wardrobe. Having a bit of colour definitely isn't a bad thing, especially not when used with the right combination.

It's my 21st coming up in the next few months so I have my eyes constantly peeled for any nice watches that I come across. While I absolutely love this watch due to it's classic feel I definitely think the price point is one to consider. Saying that, however, you do get quality with price, and this is definitely a brand that's worth investing in if you have the chance to. 


  1. Replies
    1. They really are, always a good choice.

  2. You really write in a nice way! :)

    1. Thankyou, I'm slowly getting into the habit!

  3. That mac is super sleek.

  4. Iv only recently moved my fascination from the Dr.Marten boot to the shoes, they are so divine, an absolute classic wardrobe staple. I totally agree about tryint to shop from brands close to home... can be a bit more difficult to get good variety when you are from Ireland though :( <3 i come undone