Thursday, 17 July 2014


I'm not sure if you have ever noticed but photography has always been a big part of my blog, something I've always enjoyed and found interesting. Over the past two years or so it has become more apparent that it is going to be something I will always enjoy doing and be a form of inspiration.
While Im studying Fashion Communication I've also decided to have a go at setting up my own photography website, initially it's going to be something to share the work I have created amongst others and use it as a creative outlet. Alongside this blog, of course.
I can't lie though, in the future I would love to think of it being a form of income regardless of how big or small.

Anyway, long story short. I'm going to leave links to both my website & photography Facebook page so feel free to have a browse, leave any feedback or even give it a like.



  1. I really really love your photos! The location photos are very inspiring! Hope you will upload more soon.
    And I hope that I will come back to London one day, because I want a photoshoot from you ;)

    1. Ah thankyou, hope to try and do a few more once I visit a couple more places haha!